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Monday, December 3, 2012


Everyone desires for a better look. But some can gain it. And some are confused what to do with Hair. Check this out to find you best medium or lengthy Haircut that help you to give you a sexy better look.

         Round face-  You can cut a big fringe or big bangs in front of your forehead if you have big forehead or big eyes.

this sexy Hair cut will suit you. But also remember if you have just round face ,then this is not your type. Following this..

You may have blonde Hair. Wavy hair makes you gorgeous. Just find your face shape.

2.Oval face-
No problem at all! Check this out girls…..

That will brighten your cuteness also. Side bangs will help  building a good impression to others.

3.Heart face-  We need to learn what should be with heart shape. Do not worry…..this sexy look give you a better opportunity!

             If you have big forehead with heart shape,you can try this-

4. Oblong face- We can see many Hair cut in oblong face shape..some celebrity have made good Hair cut on it. This fine and cool hair cut will carry your mood.

…If you don’t want to carry big bangs then try another.

5.Square face-
                  We can see some women cut their Hair very sort. This can suit in your square face shape. Short sassy Hair cut can help you to show who you are in inside!

 if you don’t want to cut your Hair short then try another one.

5.  Triangular face- I see some girls don’t like their face as they are triangle. Lets look at some Hair cut for them…..

You can try this-

Big forehead- I saw every girl those who have Big forehead always worry about their Haircut. Check out some Haircut for big forehead helping to reduce worry……

 or you can cut fringe…..

….or you may have side bangs,, 

No matter how you cut your Hair just be careful if those actually suits you….If you are teenager then you can have long hair like this

if you are crazy.then try this….Emo hair cut!.

….if you want to look more mature then this will be you.

No matter if you are a mature women…..try this…pixie Hair cut!

….or what about it…..

 this will give you a better look……. Whatever you do with your Hair just be careful that carry your can try short cool Hair..No matter who you are.

This is you!

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